Birthday in Antwerp.

Hello fashion readers, I hope you all had a sparkling New Years Eve. Today I turned 21, so finally, I may call myself an adult now!

We celebrated my birthday in the city of Antwerp, in Belgium. In case you are wondering why there: I’m probably the only person in the world that likes to hide out on her birthday…Of course, I appreciate the fact that I am a year older now, and I also love to eat a big slice of my birthday cake, but I really don’t care much for all the attention. There is a “two” and a “one” cipher-balloon in my pictures,  and after the shoot we let them both fly away, up in the air.

It was a rainy day, the sun didn’t show up as it should have, but who needs it when you’re in a sunny mood anyway.

After the shoot, we went strolling and dining in Antwerp. I had a wonderful day!

Details of the Outfit

Sweater from H&M (similar)

Skirt from My Jewellery (similar)

Shoes from Texto Chaussures a French shoe shop in Paris (similar)


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