Daniël Wellington Haul.

Hello fashion readers!

Today I want to share my favorite watch brand with you. I love wearing watches, I trick myself into thinking that it shows maturity and elegance.

I’ve been wearing Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield for quite a while now. But if you wear a watch for three years, day by day, the strap will be worn out in the end. But with this brand, you can easily replace the strap and the watch looks like new! You can either change the strap at home or let someone make it fit your wrist at the store. In my case, it will always be the latter, because I have a very small wrist!

So, I just needed a new strap, and this is what happened: because of Christmas time I decided to give myself a present and right when a purchased a brand new strap for my old Wellington, I couldn’t help myself and I also bought a brand new second Daniel Wellington watch…. Welcome to the family Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sterling!

First of all, I went for a smaller watch and for silver. But I didn’t want a smaller look-alike on the first watch. Now, the black background gives it a very classic look. Also, the strap on this watch is prettier and it feels like it becomes one with your skin, you don’t feel it. You won’t even notice it unless you were checking time.

So I am very happy with my new watch and the new strap that gives my old watch a new life. You can shop both of the watches in my ‘Shop My Wardrobe’. Happy shopping.



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