Hello travelers, let’s talk about my sweet tooth! I absolutely love food, my parents always taught me to taste all foods and it has paid off. A lot of people know that I am traveling to Paris whenever I can, and it’s always good to see new things there, but sometimes I end up coming back to that same, special place that always makes me happy: “Patisserie et Chocolaterie La Durée”! And because of that, I want to tell you about my favorite six flavors of Ladurée’s macarons. Who doesn’t know them, you see them on every social media account and in Paris on every corner. They are colorful, small and delicious.  It sounds really stupid but I can never control myself: I eat them so quickly that I forget to take pictures of them. So now for the first time, I controlled myself. Here are my favorite flavors.

Flavour 1: Chocolat

Kitchen Goddess Julia Child always said: ‘Never apologize’ I am always thinking of that when I am eating chocolate. Everything with chocolate in it is good. Always!


Flavour 2: Coffee

It really tastes like a cup of sweet coffee! Maybe I should have two coffee macarons instead of a cup of coffee in the morning because they taste like a cappuccino.


Flavour 3: Strawberry

Who doesn’t love the taste of strawberries? It’s fresh and sweet. This macaron’s filling is made out of strawberries and yogurt which makes them extra fresh and tangy.


Flavour 4: Pistache

My favorite nut! And don’t you just love to split their shell?


Flavour 5: Vanilla & Coconut

What a great combination of flavors! The filling is coconut and the macaron is vanilla.


Flavour 6: Raspberries

La Durée really makes them taste like fresh raspberries, I don’t know how they do it!


Please, go out and taste them yourselves, for I can write about it all I want, but you must experience them by yourselves. And who knows: maybe you’ll have one of mine favorite flavors!


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