I Did Not Wake Up Like This.

Hello beauty readers! Today I will show the make-up products that I use daily.


Neutral Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes 

Every morning I wake up with a puffy face. The fresh fragrance and moisture of these wipes open my eyes and wake me up.

Neutral Face Wash Sensitive Skin

With this product, I really cleanse my face before I put on my make up.




My everyday creme it really helps when you have a dry skin.

Smooth Miracle Primer from Max Factor

I always mix my day cream with my primer. Maybe this means that I break some beauty rules but it works for me. This is the first year that I am using a primer. I always used Hema primer but with that, my face looked really greasy somehow.

Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation (Natural 50) 

The base of my face is always different but at the moment I am really pleased.


Catrice Concealer Re-Touch Light Reflecting (010 Ivory)

Hema Concealer Brush 309

I don’t use this product every day only on the days with a lot of red spots.

Brows & Eyes

Brow Designer

It helps to get the baby hair down.

Eyebrow brush from Hema (107)

Makes sure that all the small hairs will stay in place, and you can shape your brows with it. I don’t color my brows because they are already really black and thick.

Maybelline’ the Lash Sensational Waterproof

Lash/Brow Shaping and Conditioning from Catrice 

Some people would say that It’s useless for me to apply mascara, since I’m Chinese and my lashes don’t show that much,  but I still think (hope!) that it does something extra for my eyes.

Eyelash curler from Hema

It curls your lashes. I use it before and after applying my mascara, yes that’s right: before and after.

Be sure to keep it clean always, to avoid eye infections. You can just clean it thoroughly with water and soap, rins it and tap it between a dry, clean cloth, or by air.

Eyelash brush from Hema (211)

My eyelashes always glue together after I applied mascara, so with this brush I divide them.


Powder (N5) from Studio Mac Fix

Powder brush from MAC (150)

Just to make sure that the greasy gleam caused by the foundation disappears. Besides: it keeps the foundation in place. Of course, you have to choose the color that fits your skin color. Or let somebody else choose for you.

Blush (Mocha Matte) from MAC

Blush & Contour brush from Hema (307)

Leco Brush

I like a slightly pink cheek, I don’t contour much. With my cheek brush, I just draw a very, very slight and small circle of pink powder blush on both of my cheeks, and then fill it in, with a smaller brush.

Eyeliner Liquid Liner Waterproof from Catrice

I have been using this eyeliner ever since I wear make-up. It has a long and pointed brush as thin as the tip of a feather. I use it on my upper eyelid (to create a “cat look”) as well as inside my upper eyelid. This brand stays put, even on the inside of my eyelid. Colouring the inside of your upper lids black gives depth to your eyes.


Labello Original

Always treat your lips well. In all my pockets or bags, you can find a Labello cacao butter stick. Sort of obsessed…tastes well too.

I hope you liked this and I will see you in the next article!

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