Kylie Jenner Lipquid.

Hello, beauty readers, who don’t know the Kardashians / Jenners? They take over the world in many different ways! Today I’ll tell you about the youngest family member, Kylie Jenner, and of her own, new lipstick brand. Her lipsticks and lip liners are over all social media, and since I write this fashion blog, I couldn’t stay behind.

Me, I chose the color “Koko K” because I supposed this color would fit in best with my skin tone. I bought the lipstick, as well as the lip liner, hoping the lip liner would make my lips seem plumper, but that’s just me, for some of you, buying just the lipstick will be just fine.

I’ll show you the wrapping because it’s very forceful. My lipstick and liner were packed in the same box, but since a couple of weeks, you can order them separately. Kylie herself designed the wrapping, and a picture of her color dripping lips is on it! At the top of the box, you’ll find the name of the color. At the back, Kylie gives some tips, and there’s a list of what the lipsticks are made of.

The lipstick is fluid and is packed in a nice plastic flask of 0.11 FL OZ/ 3.25 ML. It has Kylie’s name on it, and you can see instantly which color it contains The lip liner has a black exterior, with, at the end, a tip in the color you chose.

The pencil of the lipstick feels very soft, and after a two times application, your lips are covered. The lipstick itself smells very sweet, like caramel, but don’t worry, you will not taste or smell it after you’re done.

Be sure to have a quick and steady hand when you start to apply it, because it dries very fast, and you don’t have time to correct it. On your lips, the color looks frosted /mat, and it will stay on all day.

Next to this frosty lipstick “Koko K”, there are another 11 frosty / mat colors available, as well as 4 metal colors, and 7 greased glossy ones  (just in case you don’t like your lips to be mat and frosted). For every color, there is a lip liner available. If you want to keep informed about Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, then follow her on Instagram @kyliejenner of @kyliecosmetics and on Snapchat Kylizzlemynizzl. You can purchase both lipstick and lip liner at

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