Lancome Juicy Shaker.

Hello beauty readers, today I will show the new Lancome lip glosses: the Juicy Shakers! They are packed with velvet oils and lots of pigment, which will smoothen your lips without them becoming sticky. By shaking the lip gloss you will mix oil and color, and by using the soft applicator pad you will create shiny lips! The small bottles contain 6,5 ml/ 0.22 FL.OZ so they fit in your purse easily.

I tried the colors ‘Cherry Symphony’ & ‘Wonder Melon’ because I like to wear different lip gloss along with different outfits. Variation is all!

Wonder Melon

This color looks fresh on the lips. It adds just a pink glow, very natural, very suitable for the summer. It stays on for almost 5,5 hours, but you can re-apply sooner, just for the velvet feel of it! Maybe people will look surprised when you shake your Juicy Shaker in public, but hey, who cares, for a moment later your lips look all fresh!

Cherry Symphony

I particularly like this color because on your lips it presents itself surprisingly different from the color in the bottle. In the bottle, it seems a dark red, but when applied, it turns a light, rustique red: a really warm autumn color. This was my first try of Lancome makeup, and I was so pleasantly surprised, that I am sure I will use more often! It is not too expensive either, and the quality of Lancome seems really good.

Shake it, Twist it, Love it!


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