New Beginning.

Hello everyone and welcome back! I am very proud and excited to show you around my new and enhanced blog!


New name

Let’s start with explaining the new name. Maybe you all remember the name of my old blog: “La Joie de Mode”. I was really (kind of) proud of that name, but it turned out to be really hard for some people to pronounce it. And to be honest, because of that, it got harder to explain that name to me. As I remember the way I got it: I once bought a sweater with writing on it: “La Joie de vivre” and I liked it so much that I changed  “Vivre” into “mode”. Voilá!  However, say hello to the new name “SU SISI”! It’s very easy to remember, it’s short and powerful and most important: it’s my own name. I know, now you’ll say that my name is “Suze” and yes, that’s true, but I also have a Chinese name where Suze is based on. My Chinese name is Su Sisi and as soon as my parents knew, they mixed east with west, China with Europe and they called me “Suze”, which is a Dutch name, but now with a Chinese component. After this year, there (kind of) surfaced a new me that thought: if I’m gonna make content that really presents me, then my blog should wear my own name for starters.


New logo 

After I decided to call my blog “Su Sisi”, I wanted to make sure that it represented my new, fresh mood! So designing a new logo seemed like a good idea. It had to be a totally different logo than the one before. I met with Josselin Bijl, a prestigious Dutch illustrator, and designer. Working with her was so nice, she’s a big creative force, and she completely understood what I wanted. She designed my new logo! Thank you, Josselin!


New layout 

In the old days, I used to be happy with my Wix-layout,  but when editing it, it always turned out to be a lot of work, due to the kind of website I had chosen. So I did some research and I found “Kotryna Bass”. They have so many layouts and features that, at first, it felt like shopping in a candy store. When I finally figured out the layout I wanted, I had to alter all of my codes, which took some time and brain cracking,  but now I’m really pleased with the end results. I think my website is better coordinated now, and I like the new layout. What do you think? Feel free to let me know!


New content

Basically, everything is new! So I had to come up with new content as well:

  • at “Mode” you can see what I would like to buy, and get inspired.
  • “Mon Voyage” means “My Journey” and it refers to my journey through life. I’ll write personal columns about my life.
  • “Lookbook” on Polyvore you may already know, but I just wanted to tell you that it is bigger than ever!


New social media

Because I’m a bit shy by nature, and I sometimes (most of the time!) feel insecure about myself, I don’t post a lot “about me” on social media. But I realize now, that I really need to open up to stay close to my followers, you all!

So I’ll promise you this…. I’ll meet you more often on social media! You can find me on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Bloglovin, Snapchat and under @susisiofficial.

And if I ever have the courage, perhaps in the future I’ll be vlogging…. to be continued.

I hope you will happily browse around at “Su Sisi”!



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