Sakaré Cosmetics.

Hello beauty readers! Today I will show you some new skin, hand and nail products. They’re from Sakaré Cosmetics, and I am totally addicted to them, and, as you can see, so is my cat, Stella! I discovered Sakaré products, while I was in London. You can purchase Sakaré Cosmetics in England, Germany, France, Japan and Spain and, of course, in their web shop at www.sakaré.com They also maintain a Facebook page and an Instagram account: Sakaré cosmetics and @sakarecosmetics They have these wonderful products for your hands and nails. The friendly people at their London store explained and showed me what their products do for the skin. They gently scrubbed my hands, with a kind of lovely smelling salt. I was told to let it soak in for five minutes and then wash it off. After that, they rubbed in my hands with a sample of their hand cream. My hands never felt smoother! The effect lasted for hours! As you all know, I really, really don’t like to scrub, but after this treatment, I was completely convinced. I immediately bought their hand & body lotion and their Cuticle Oil for my nails.

Sakaré’s Hand & Body Lotion,

fragrance really smells like the sea: a bit salty and very fresh. It’s a fragrance that lingers for quite some time. The cream is water resistant and it cools the skin. You can use it day and night. One bottle contains  240 ml/8.11 FL.OZ.

The next best thing is Sakaré’s Deep Cleansing Salt Scrub.

It’s (not exaggerated) magical! One jar contains 350ml/11.83 FL.OZ. Shake well before use, and then use a spoonful (or two!) to rub your whole body with, not just your hands… Let it sit for some minutes. Then rinse it off. The result is amazing! The scrub removes dead cells and gently “polishes” your skin. Your skin feels soft like a baby and will smell heavenly.

The Cuticle Oil I saved for last!

It’s a small bottle which contains 10ml/0.33FL.OZ. It nourishes your cuticles and softens them. The bottle is a roller, so you can apply without staining

Hand & Body Lotion                                   €21,00 / £15,00

Deep Cleansing Salt Scrub                      €62,00 /£44,99

Cuticle Oil                                                    €21,00 /£15,00

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