Sakura by Rituals.

The product line“Sakura” of the firm “ I always buy it because I don’t like oil that much and scrubbing Rituals”  is made from organic rice milk from Asia and cherry blossom from Japan. In the Sakura body cream, those ingredients give you a really soft skin.hurts my skin, which is quite sensitive. 

I bought a big jar with a content of 7.4 FL OZ, and I use the cream after taking a shower. I am not very tall, so it will take a while before my jar is empty. For people that are taller than me or just can’t stop using the cream, there is now a refill available in the Rituals store.

When the jar is empty, you clean it and easily place a  refill in it, which has the same content as the jar but costs less.


If you are obsessed with the smell like I am, you can take the body cream with you. Not the big jar, of course, that would be too heavy, but you can buy a small handbag tube with a content of 2.3 FL OZ. 

You will never have dry hands, your skin stays soft and will smell amazing. Find out your favorite line and the smell of Rituals or try different combinations.

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