What Has Happened?

Hello, everyone. It has been a while, my last post was in January 2017! After that, life has been a rollercoaster. And not the nicest one!


Earlier, I wrote that 2017 was my final school year and that it was going to be a tough one. My internship of 10 weeks at the fashion shop where I already worked, kept me busy writing one report after another.

Each week I had to take several tests, and next to it I had to follow my regular lessons and do homework. So well, anyway, I didn’t have any spare time to either myself, or my blog. During the last months of that semester, I also had to write an assignment about fashion, and about the shop. I’ve never been a fast student, which is really no problem, however, it takes some time for me to study. So concluded: it has been a really tough couple of months. And the cherry on the cake is: I didn’t pass… There was this one subject that really killed me: I scored a 5,1 and needed a 5,5 to pass. I had a resit three times (!) but I still never was lucky.

After that all I was so tired and disapointed that I decided to leave it all like it was, and not to take another chance to pass. I passed for all the other subjects I only failed on that particular one.


I was so surprised to feel totally washed up. I couldn’t even think straight anymore, and on top of that, I had to explain to everyone that I didn’t pass. I suffered from a severe lack of energy and after that I really broke down, both physically and emotionally. So I went to the doctor and after thourough examination he told me I had a severe burn out. For those who don’t know what that’s like: a burn-out makes you feel exhausted! You don’t feel like doing anything, you don’t enjoy life anymore, you can’t sleep and you have headaches all the time. So, what I do now is taking it easy and rest a bit.  I’m sure I’ll feel well again, step by step, without rushing it.

Panic attacks

As if a burn-out wasn’t enough I started to have panic attacks. Oh my! You’ll get them for no reason and in the strangest places. It feels like you can’t breathe anymore and everything is “extremely loud and incredibly close”. Best thing to do is stay calm, breathe in a bag, do yoga, and in the end, embrace the way life goes.  Don’t worry, I feel better now.

I hope you understand why I disappeared from my blog and from further social media. I have decided to make a new, fresh start with the blog and I will explain later what I mean by that. We’ll see each other soon!

And thanks to everyone who has been so supporting!


Details of the Outfit

Top from COS

Pants from Bershka

Sneakers from Adidas



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